Jody Mulgrew

Croons with a silvery voice, taking listeners back to generations past...

In the tradition of troubadour crooners like John Denver and the Everly Brothers, Jody Mulgrew weaves finely-tuned guitar and ensemble arrangements around his unmistakeable tenor voice.  His ability to connect with an audience through a song and it’s performance puts him in the company of the greats in folk and popular music.

Jody Mulgrew was born and raised in the small seaside town of Morro Bay, on the California Coast.  He started his singing career in classical and vocal-jazz ensembles, before turning his creative energies to songwriting and solo and small-ensemble performance.

Back when Jody Mulgrew released his first full-length release Aiming Too High, under his project The Johnny Starlings, CD Baby was quick to feature the album, noting “there’s at least one song on this record for residents of every corner of the country:  Slow bebop for folks from the glittering streets of New York, sunny pop for sun bathed Californians, cup of hot chocolate and blankets by the fire for snow-bound Minnesotans, and a teeny bit of twang for Texas.”

Mulgrew’s debut and follow-up solo releases, Rocket Ship and Let Them Talk were each awarded “Best Album” in California’s New Times Music Awards. As the Sun Reclaims the Sky, the singer’s fifth complete album of original material was written and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. The lead single “On the Line” reveals Mulgrew’s americana roots as well as an optimism and spirit not heard since the artist’s earliest works.

His enchanting performances have won over fans around the country and his songs and recordings have received airplay on “The Acoustic Café”, Nashville’s “Lightning 100” and the infamous “KPIG” of Freedom, California to name a few, while his craft as a writer has been recognized by The Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in New York with an Award of Excellence.

“Croons with a silvery voice, taking listeners back to generations past and simpler times…highly recommended for fans of parasols and catching fireflies on a balmy summer night.”
-Erin Dewitt, OC WEEKLY

“Songs that get under your skin no matter how jaded you might be.”
-Glen Starkey, NEW TIMES

“A distinctly American Sound.”